Hatteras 2K17 Spring Break — Video: Andrew Fletcher

March 17, 2017 • Videos

“I met up with Seth Conboy and his bud Michael Hanley (who filmed all the land angles in this edit) just after lunch time on Monday,” says North Florida surfer/filmer/frother Andrew Fletcher. “We left Jax Beach and drove to the OBX through the middle of Winter Storm Stella. We had to drive super cautious and well below the speed limit while the storm was strengthening over the Southeast as there was nonstop rain. As we approached the Outer Banks, things started getting intense. Around midnight during the last leg on A1A South, winds were gusting 50 knots plus, which reminded me to check all the Hatteras buoys. When I saw 16ft @ 9 seconds and SE wind gusts over 50 knots, things started to feel promising. In the intro to this edit, you can see and hear how hard it was raining. When we arrived to the condos at REAL Watersports where we stayed for the trip it was really coming down. Upon waking up we realized the wind had clocked straight offshore as forecasted. After talking to Christian Oehmke, who was with Matthew and Daniel Glenn and getting the ‘it’s pumping’ report from Buxton Motels, we went straight there. It did have more size early (some of the sets rivaled Jersey I think), which Daniel and Matt’s clips show. However, in the afternoon when the winds started to slack and the sun came out, everything got perfect. Seemed to have down the beach syndrome because downtown Buxton looked as good as Motels, only without the crowd. I decided to surf over there after the morning session with everyone behind  Motels. All of these clips were right behind Seth’s friend Dallas’ house, which made it super nice. Whenever I started to get cold, I would just go in and take a quick break, capitalizing on the outdoor hot shower to warm up and then right back out there. I put my wetsuit (Christian’s 4/3 Flash Bomb that I borrowed because Xcel sent my new one to Dustin Richardson’s place in Oxnard and he hasn’t mailed it to me yet) on at 8:00 AM and didn’t take it off until I clocked out around 8:00 PM just before the sunset. All in a hard day’s work! After surfing all day, we went to this little market in Rodanthe right by our spot and all ordered these massive carne asada burritos. We went back to the hotel and grubbed out. Just when I thought that we were going to call it an early night, Christian called me. He had gone with the Glenn boys back to Quentin Turko’s house to have birthday dinner. Apparently something happened to Daniel’s car and they had to take it to the mechanic first thing the next morning. So I jumped in the car and drove an hour up to Kitty Hawk to get Christian. I had to ensure he would make it out the next day, which was yesterday Wednesday the 15th. After waking up that morning, we realized the temperature dropped faster than the surf. It was 30 degrees and the wind was blowing offshore over 30 knots, so we quickly departed back to warm and sunny Florida.”

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