‘Happy X-Mas, War Is Over’: Cold War 2 Video Wrap-Up By Russ Roe

December 21, 2017 • Videos

By: Mez ( Please scroll down below story to click on Vimeo video )

In it’s now 2 year young history, New Jerseys ‘Cold War Winter Takes All’ event has become not only a regional must see but it is also fast becoming a legendary east coast surfing comp in it’s own right.

We attack at dawn. ( No, don’t click here, the Vimeo video is just below…)

It has managed to insert itself into the same rarified air as Quiksilver’s King of  The Peak, the ECSC, the WRV, Un-sound and Belmar Pro’s and the ESA Championships by going all those uber prestigious gatherings one better in it’s creative entertainment value following in the path of the out of the box thinking of the KOP, one of the grandaddy’s of creative comps.

With it’s winner take all, team format, it’s Jersey Shore set and setting in historical Asbury Park, the gnarly weather factor that requires super human testicular fortitude and last, but certainly not least, it’s pre and post event festivities with this years after party held at one of Asbury Parks most classic local joints, the Wonder Bar the Cold War braintrust ( Tim Donnelly, Rob Cloupe and Sam Hammer ) have created an insta-classic.

Mike Gleason loves him a little winner takes all Cold War skirmish.

With all due respect and not to take a single shred of venerability, importance or stature away from all the aforementioned competition institutions above, there is simply nothing like Cold War up and down the eastern seaboard for it’s sheer uniqueness that goes well beyond slipping on a singlet and trying to win heat.

Nothing even close.

You can write all the words you want, run all the thousands of stellar photos taken by the finest, most rabid photographers you will ever meet ( three water photog’s floating around and ducking under waves in that freezing fucking weather and 36 degree water temps !?! ) between Maine and Florida but in the end it is Russ Roe’s exceptionally well done video edit just below that truly captures the Cold War magic.

( below with apologies to John Lennon for hijacking his song title. Hey, it’s the holidays and the eggnog is flowing, click on and enjoy a classic song. )