Simply put, thirteen year old New England ripper from Cape Cod Mass has, well, the goods:

A newly minted 2017 National title in the N.S.S.A’s U-12 division that always gets surf company talent scouts salivating (since signing them before their out of the womb is probably going a little to far, even for some of them) and a first tier sponsorship with Rip Curl.

Oh, and he has actually discovered solid use of both rails (bonus points!), has a very high cojones factor charging some pretty gnarly slabs without holding back a whit, a solid backside attack all blended nicely with style and flair – impressive for somebody still in grammar school and no matter what part of the world you are from.

However, let’s see what another 5  years and say 50 pounds can add to the kid’s already promising program before we start baptizing him the next Dean Randazzo, Benny Bourgeois, Wes Laine or even Balaram Stack but, at this rate, little Robbie’s future looks bright enough to possibly become New England’s first true working pro.

He’s that wicked pissah’ good as they say in his native tongue.

This video also features the 13 year old, 6 tall foot ripper giant, Ryan Huckabee who more than holds his own in this tightly edited, well paced Joe Radano production.

– Mez –