Friday Flicks: 4/28/17

April 28, 2017 • Videos

After a few weeks off, Friday Flicks is back for 4/28/17 to touch down on every part of the globe…

First up, Central Florida’s Tommy Coleman explores his #BillabongBloodlines on the North Shore of Hawaii — as ESM has said for years, Tommy has the potential to be the East Coast’s next big competitive/freesurf star.

While we’re in Hawaii, we hear Puerto Rico’s Rolando Montes made the impression of a lifetime during his first trip to Oahu, earning much-deserved love from a plethora of media outlets. As Surfline postulated, “Be honest: Did you charge this hard your first trip to Hawaii? Does anybody?”

Dylan Graves’ “Weird Waves ; Texas” edit might be old, but it’s forever a winner in our eyes…

Weird Waves ; TEXAS from Casual Slice on Vimeo.

As is Ralph Fatello’s early April edit: “Boy where does one begin? Well, we got hit with a major snow storm/Nor’easter on Friday night and Saturday day. It was April Fools day. Who was the joke on? Any way, I shot this in 3 days. Saturday April 1st, Sunday April 2nd, and Monday April 3rd. I did the edit today Tuesday April, 4th, 2017. This modern technology stuff blows my old mind. I’m calling it the APRIL FOOLS DAY SWELL. I’m not sure I can remember every surfer in this web edit, but I’ll give it a shot. Kevin Grondin, Kody Grondin, Joe Aceri, Weston Rogers, Johnny Meehan, Markey J, Peter Stokes, Pev, Kyle Linseman, Matt Colby, Andy Elliott, Max Fatello, Tom Hay, Erik Cannon, Gilly Donatelli, Toby Parke, Caper, Kai Nichols, Lenny Nichols, Harry Manzi, and Terence Kirby (who get’s the nicest wave). There are a couple of “firsts” in this edit. Number One, I use laugh tracks on the first day. You’ll see why. And number two, I use The WHO for a soundtrack. It’s all based on the word “FOOL”. Actually, in hindsight, I should of asked my friends in the FOOLS for some of their music. DOH! Oh well, there’s always next year. *Be sure and watch to the very end (past the credits).”

In further #flashbackfriday coverage, Kevin Doherty helps us relive Stella’s magnificent swell from March.

And finally, time to broaden those horizon with a French documentary produced by TFO 24.7 that highlights Great Lakes ambassador Aurelien Bouche-Pillon and his crew’s freshwater froth. Enjoy!

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