Friday Flicks: 3/3/17

March 3, 2017 • Videos

The first Friday Flicks of spring is here! We know, it’s not officially spring yet — but it sure feels like it, right? This season is always a good one on the East Coast, but it’s also a bit of a bummer since  winter has been pretty darn fun (if not quite cold enough) as well. Onward, though — and to lead our 3/3/17 charge is none other than Kelly Slater, teasing us again with a look at his flawless wave pool creation.

Next up, this powerful Surfer Films-produced segment on New York’s Will Skudin shines a hell of a light on his big-wave regimen.

Down Duval County way, longboarder Reid Mikalsen and filmer Jacob Cummings of Dragenslayer Collective produced this groovy little log flick.

February 2017 will go down in history as one of the best months ever in Puerto Rico. Here’s a one-minute sliver of that with Jorgito Rivera and Mauro Diaz.

Dylan Palmer raved about this new clip from Gustavo Schlickmann, so here you have it…

Gustavo Schlickmann – ARAHAN from Gustavo Schlickmann on Vimeo.

…And finally, Ralph Fatello kicked off his 2017 trip to Puerto Rico with a look back at his 1990 trip to Puerto Rico: “In March of that year, four NH surfers went to PR for a much needed tropical break. Kevin “Doc” Grondin, Mike “Zappy” Paugh, John Duffy McCarthy, and yours truly. The cold and the snow was getting to us. Kevin and I left our pregnant wives home. Or rather, they LET US GO. I’m sure there was some kind of deal involved. But seriously folks, is there any wonder why we are still married to them? Love you both! Kim and Cory! It’s hard to believe this was 27 years ago. Where does the time go…I don’t want to know, I’m just filing space here. The soundtrack is by Beautiful People using Hendrix samples. The results are so cool. Check it out!”

New Hampshire To Puerto Rico 1990 from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

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