Friday Flicks: 3/10/17

March 10, 2017 • Videos

It’s Friday Flicks, Spring Break edition for 3/10/17!

First off, kudos to Colin Herlihy for having the wherewithal to know that not every clip has to be A+ (and not every B clip has to hit the cutting room floor). In the process of  making his upcoming movie, Time Flies, Colin drops this “Leftovers” edit: “‘Leftovers’ is a fun edit made not to be taken too seriously.” So y’know — don’t take it too seriously?

Leftovers from Colin Herlihy on Vimeo.

Next, Ralph Fatello is back with another #flashbackfriday clip: “In 1984, two major events happened in my life. First, I started dating my future wife Cory. Second, my band The VINNY Band released our debut LP on EAT Records. David Robinson of The CARS produced the album. The footage you are about to see was shot by my then-girlfriend Cory. It’s all me surfing on my NEW Camo board. The same Camo board that my son rides from time to time some 33 years later. The song really has nothing to do with surfing, though there is a lyric or two that speaks of swimming and surfing. No, the reason I chose this song is because my brother Johnny plays a killer solo. Oh, there’s also a cameo by my late English Setter Caley. The ORIGINAL Surf Dog. So… that’s it. 33 years ago… but who’s counting?”

NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

New Jersey native Sean Santiago, who now lives in Southern California and runs Santi Creative Group, sent this dispatch over: “Everyone finds themselves on the road at one point in their life. Every new life experience leaves us at the mercy of the community in which you choose to reside. Korak Tinoco exemplifies someone that lives by the principles laid down by generations before him. Give respect where respect is deserved. Stay humble. And when it’s your turn to go they better see the color of your fins. With Venezuelan roots, Korak has found himself immersed in the welcoming community that is Oceanside, California. A daily fixture at the pier, Korak makes it a point to be a positive and influential community member in and out of the water. From showing local groms the ropes to putting in long hours in the stacks at Cal State San Marcos, Korak always makes time to make it down the Ho-Chi Min before the rest of San Diego can think twice.”

Through The Eyes of Korak Tinoco from XTERRA SURF on Vimeo.

Davey & Jake Stiles surfing Rincon, PR, in Winter 2016-17 before they made their next move to Southern California. Filmed with Sony CX240, GoPro HERO4, and Canon 7D. Music by Dead Gaze, “Yuppies Are Flowers” //

Isle de le’ Stile from on Vimeo.