Welcome to this post-Winter Storm Niko edition of Friday Flicks for 2/10/17. First up, a little pre-blizzard action from New England courtesy of Ralph Fatello: “On February 5th, 2017 the New England Patriots won their 5th Super Bowl. They were behind 28-3 late in the third quarter. They came back and tied it up 28-28 during regulation. And for the first time in 50 years, there was an OVER TIME game. The Patriots won the toss and proceeded to march down the field and score a TD. The Final score was 34-28. On February 7th, 2017 the New England Patriots had a victory parade in Boston. Over one million fans showed up. That same day, the surfers in New England were treated to a new swell. It never got bigger than 5 feet. But it was clean. We drove from Boston to Maine to get that Five Foot Swell. Hence the name-DRIVE FOR FIVE (Foot). The surfers in this web edit are: Kai Nichols, Mikey Evans, Phil Carey, Tyler McGill, Max Fatello. Perry Reynolds, Matt Colby, Jose Perez, and a bunch of local surfers. The music is by Ozzy, The Drop Kick, Murphys, and The Cars. The New England Patriots are the BEST team in the history of the NFL. Haters are gonna hate them no matter what. That’s ok with us. As the lead Warrior of the team TB 12 always yells…”LET’S GO!”

Drive 4 Five Feet from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

DRIVE FOR FIVE FEET from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

Next up, Puerto Rico grom Dwight Pastrana, who recently left PR for Hawaii to solidify his surfing game, in this alluring edit from Jorgito Rivera.

Dwight Pastrana en Hawaii from JorgitoRivera on Vimeo.

Then, North Florida longboarder Trento Tarpits documents A South Swell in Winter in this groovy, eccentric clip for his board sponsor, Black Rose MFG.

A South Swell in Winter from BARF RAKE on Vimeo.

Speaking of longboarding, Shane Whealton and the Chincoteague crew enjoy a mile-long sandbar in “Cheesesteak” (mmmmm, we want cheesesteaks now).

Cheesesteak from Shane OUTside on Vimeo.

Mike Sciarra of South Jersey’s Kona Surf Co. sits down with Olympic athlete Joe Maloy to talk waveriding and more. “A wise man once said, ‘People in small towns, much more than in cities, share a destiny,'” Kona Surf Co. said in a press release highlighting Mike’s Surf Talk Episodes with Joe and with Matt Szczur. “Residents of the Wildwoods and other New Jersey beach towns like them all share a common destiny to make the world (and the town that we live in) a better place, and to be the best human beings that we can be. Local professional athletes like Joe Maloy and Matt Szczur embody everything that we as small-town residents stand for: honesty (sometimes brutally honest to a fault), tenacity, hardworking personality, and determination. Joe Maloy continues to routinely dedicate his time to community/charity events, while in the offseason, Matt Szczur fundraises for the fight against blood cancer with the Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation. In the words of our owner Mike Sciarra, ‘We might be small, but we pack a lot of punch,’ and Kona Surf Company believes that Joe and Matt will not be the last world-class athletes to come out of the Wildwoods, as ‘it is our destiny.’”

And finally, a little technical surfboard talk with our friends from Firewire, who employ scientific dissection of surfboard performance to their new model The Sci-Fi. Enjoy all these clips for the weekend (and stay warm/dry/safe if you’re still socked in by snow in the Northeast).

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