Friday Flicks: 1/6/17

January 6, 2017 • Videos

The first Friday Flicks of the year comes correct with enough far-flung action to keep even the most fickle fans among us happy. First up, we’ve got the hell-raising, high-flying Nub TV crew on a predictably EPIC! trip to Puerto Rico — these guys pump out more videos than anyone, but this might just be their best yet (and they’ve got a cool 190,000 YouTube subscribers to show for it). Perfect to introduce Friday Flicks: 1/6/17!

Dalton Smith of NPI Productions is on a similarly freewheeling yet ultra-professional kick, and his first episode of STOK3 follows the crew to Colorado in search of a late-season blizzard. “We arrived in Denver and were greeted with temps in the 80s as we enjoyed the city and made our way into the mountains,” Dalton says. “However, things  quickly changed as we found ourselves beneath five feet of snow in the days that would follow. Loveland Ski Area is home to miles of open terrain and some of the best backwoods riding Colorado has to offer. This blizzard blasted Loveland with feet upon feet of fresh powder and set the boys up for an incredible late season session that we will never forget.” Go follow NPI on YouTube for new episode of STOK3 posted every Sunday.

Never one to be outdone in the productive department, New Hampshire’s Ralph Fatello churned out this heart-pumping edit from the first swell of 2017, which lit up the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on January 4th. “Not bad,” Ralph says. “Four days into the new year and we got a decent, overhead, well groomed, groundswell. And it felt like Spring! The air temps were so warm that people were removing their hoods all day long. The surfers in this clip are the usual suspects: Matt Colby, Kyle Linseman, Kai Nichols, Max Fatello, Steve O’Hara, Phil Carey, and a host of others. The music is a little on the dire side, Hendrix’s “I Don’t Live Today.” Can you blame me? The daily news is not very encouraging for this new year. Like most of you, I’m hoping for the best. Meanwhile, enjoy the first of many web edits this year.”

FIRST SWELL January 4th, 2017 from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

Today’s #flashbackfriday award goes to North Florida native Andrew Fletcher, whose “Lost In The Dream” edit follows Daytona Beach ripper Dustin Richardson on his Puerto Rico trip in January 2016. Hopefully it’s a precursor of what’s to come in 2017?

Lost in the Dream from Andrew Fletcher on Vimeo.

Speaking of North Florida and #flashbackfriday, Matt Zaccaria collected the following clips from 2015 and 2016 in Puerto Rico and California filmed by Robbie Merrell, Colin Deveze, Mauro Diaz, and Mikey Morris into this fun little clip to finish off Friday Flicks for now. Next week, who knows what’ll pop up in the inbox!

Matty Z from Matt Zaccaria on Vimeo.

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