Friday Flicks: 1/20/17

January 20, 2017 • Videos

If you’re sick of all the Inauguration Weekend craziness, tune in and tune out with our 1/20/17 edition of Friday Flicks…

First off, the NPI Productions crew of Dalton Smith, Corey Howell, Tommy Coleman, Dave and Blake Speir, and many more converge on Barbados for the filming of “Caribbean Dreams.” Can’t wait to see the full-length, gentlemen!

New Hampshire’s Ralph Fatello hits us with his weekly edit, but this one goes a little deeper than just another collection of swell clips: “Boy, where do I start with this edit? How about from the beginning… In 1984, I was riding this Camo board here in Hampton, NH. The same week that I was riding this board, my band VINNY released our LP Olas De Sexo produced by David Robinson. This song “False Alarm” was (or rather is) on that LP. Now, some 33 years later, my son Max has taken to riding the Camo board when the surf is small. I thought it would be interesting to span the 33 years of that board. Max’s mom Cory was my girlfriend in 1984, and she shot all of the old super 8mm footage. Don’t expect to see big waves and radical surfing, but rather something deeper than all of that. May the Camo Board last forever.

The CAMO Board from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

Next up, New York firefighter, filmmaker, and digital media ninja Etan Blatt dropped in to Ben Pomeroy’s Swell Season Surf Radio show, recorded live from the studio in Bushwick, NY, on January 10th, 2017. Etan riffs on all things winter surfing, Long Beach, Balaram Stack, Will Skudin, Leif Engstrom’s Innersection part, NYSea, shooting videos past and present, the Quiksilver Pro New York in 2011, firefighting, and being Jewish. “The show is a great platform for guests,” Etan tells ESM. “Ver laid back — kind of like Howard Stern. I think the show will continue to grow, especially when more popular and fresh guests go on.”

Swell Season Surf Radio Podcast | In Studio Jan 10th 2017: Etan Blatt from Etan Blatt on Vimeo.

Considering a Caribbean trip sometime this winter? STOK3 Episode 2 journeys to Puerto Rico for their latest installment.

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