Friday Flicks: 12/2/2016

December 2, 2016 • Videos

Welcome to Friday Flicks,’s repository for the many rad moving pictures we receive throughout the week. Our inaugural 12/2/2016 installment celebrates the launch of our new site, and luckily our camera-wielding friends living it up out in the world have made sure that we’ve got a tasty batch of clips to start things off…

First up, CJ and Damien Hobgood at G-Land — need we say more? Well, we will. Kudos to our friends over at Surfing Magazine (hi guys) for putting together this epic “Staring In A Broken Mirror” peek under the hood of the Hobgoods’ upcoming documentary project And Two If By Sea with filmmaker and longtime friend Justin Purser. As the identical twins say at the beginning, “We realized we’d never done a trip together — just him and I. And we’d never been to G-Land!” What follows is three-and-a-half minutes of pure lefthand bliss, as the brothers score some of the meatiest, mightiest G-Land in a decade. The opening montage, which features drone footage of CJ and Damien sharing the same wave and intertwining their powerful, silky-smooth lines should go down in surf movie history as one of the most eye-popping things ever. Filmed by Purser and Jensen Young Sik, edited by Surfing’s own Sean Benik (Florida represent!), music by Goat from the beautifully named song “Goatfuzz.”

Next up, creative Maine filmmaker Joe Radano took a little trip down to the Outer Banks last month and captured Mark Dawson, Jeffrey O’Neil, and Dallas Tolson having a blast. As usual in most of Radano’s Vernacular Observatory films, there’s quirky music (Herbie Hancock’s “Autodrive” and Special Ed’s “The Mission (Magnificent Remix)”, strange interludes, eerie lighting, and visual sleights of hand (check those near-duplicate land/water crossfire), all of which add up to a tasty post-Thanksgiving dose of gravy leftovers.

more gravy from vernacular observatory on Vimeo.

Jacksonville Beach, FL, grom Kael Farber made the most of his recent trip to Barbados for the WSL Junior Pro event at Soup Bowl, linking up with surf coach du jour Alex Espir of Initiative Surf for this “Barbados Swageriffic” clip. Kale’s backside attack sizzles at Soup Bowl, as does the choice deep Killer Mike cut. Check Kale out on Instagram at @kaelnotkale.

Barbados Swageriffic from Kael Farber on Vimeo.

We’ll let prolific New England filmmaker Ralph Fatello take it away for the description of his “Electile Dysfunction” clip… “OK, this was shot the day After the election. The country was still reeling from the day before and the unforeseen outcome. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Really. However, the surf was still there, so the surfers did what surfers always do when the shit hits the fan. They went surfing. Surfers include: Matt Colby, Joel Feid, Max Fatello, Perry Reynolds, Jesse Gould, James Morse, Phil Carey, DJ, Mike Stanek, Markey J, Weston Rogers, and that hot regular foot from Jersey — Stelman? The music is by the Temptations and The Beatles. Say a prayer for all of us on this planet. And go surfing.”

THE DAY AFTER -ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION 11-9-16 from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

Finally, something completely different: a test roll of Super 8mm footage shot this fall in Rhode Island by photographer Nick Ventura featuring Myles Point, Jeff Mattiucci, and musician/artist Sean Spellman with disco-floor tunes by Bebu Silvetti on “Spring Rain.” Savor the grain and long for the past, whether that’s 40 years ago or last month before you had to bust out the hood, gloves, and boots.

autumn from nick ventura on Vimeo.

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