Freebird: Push Play To Watch “Albatross” By George Nickoll

June 5, 2019 • Videos

You know, nobody but ESM / would give this stoked, young East Coast kid a look or a listen let alone a pretty significant audience on our digital platforms but he IS our “demographic”, our kinda guy. The Outsider. The Outlier. The Unwanted, The Un-cool and the Un-loved ignored by every other on-line entity, chic hipster loving surf film festival or the one remaining U.S. surf print mag now teetering on the edge of the four color ink abyss, foreign or otherwise. But we absolutely love what young Mr. Nickoll is doing and this under produced, semi-crude, homegrown, punk as hell, DIY zine-like quality video just exudes a real, from the heart feel start to finish. It very much reminds us of just how Eastern Surf Magazine started. Crudely plus. Outsider of all media outsiders in this country but with all the love and soul we had / have in our hearts to do it right for the Right Coast. Without the support of a guy like George back then ( who was years off from being born when we dropped vol. 1 , issue 1 ) and God knows how many other  “regular guy”, not bound for stardom types who could have cared less about that kind of thing, we would not have gotten anywhere. This is for you Georgie-Boy and all you “Crumble Bums” up and down the east coast keeping it real and doing it for all the right reasons. Ride on boys, ride on and dig on this totally cool film with one of the best versions of “Hey Joe” we’ve ever grooved to by bluesman Lee Moses. – Mez sez –

George sez: “I hope the world is treating you with tubes and treasures. I am an 18 year old East Coast enthusiast whose surf love was born and bred on many a  New York City A-train commute and what an ESA NY commentator once referred to as the  “Rockaway Crumble Bums.” Over the past few years, I have begun to admire the art of shaping surfboards, and have had a go at making a few myself. Its only been through this labor of love that I’ve realized what means of self-expression the sport can truly be. Last year, I swapped my contest singlet for a shaping planer and have found that in sculpting a blank with my intrinsic desires in mind. I can ride a wave the way I want to ride one, not how a contest criteria tells me to. I take extraordinary pride in saying that my surfing is now a reflection of my identity. Realizing this has been the most liberating thing I’ve ever experienced. In December of 2018, I finished glassing my most prized creation-a Gerry Lopez / Jeff Ho inspired fish. 5”- 4” in length, with a pair of twin keels, down rails, and a super dramatic curve to its outline. Its bulky and an aggressive silhouette that inspired me to name it after the bulkiest, most aggressive creature I could conceive of— an albatross. I spent some time escaping the snow dusted “crumble bums” of my home beach at 60th street in Mainland Mexico this past month. There I captured some of my waves on the Albatross and threw together this video documenting my joyous endeavors of shaping and riding this big yellow bird. I have attached a link below for you to watch and hope that it can find a happy home on the ESM website. All the best, George.”