Election Day In New England

November 15, 2016 • Videos

“On November 8th, 2016, the entire country was getting out on Election Day to vote for the next president of these United States,” says Northern New England filmmaker, photographer, and all-around legend Ralph Fatello. “We all voted at some point during the day, but early evening, however, there was a nice groundswell pouring onto the beaches, reefs, and points all over New England. So I was out doing my civic duty, which is to document what’s going on around the Seacoast. The different groups of people I ran into were all talking about this election on the coast. But there was one group of individuals who were more interested in the surf. Yeah, they voted. But they also surfed their brains out. This was all shot on November 8th, 2016. By now you all know that Donald Trump will be our next POTUS. None of the surfers — James Morse, Ryan McGill, Weston Rogers, Kody Grondin, Max Fatello, Kyle Linseman, Phil Carey, Kenny Linseman, Peter Stokes, Kai Nichols, Lars Hamilton, Lenny Nichols, Todd Preble, and a whole bunch more — had any idea of what was coming.”

“The clip is long (it’s 17 minutes),” Ralph adds, “but not nearly as long as that damn campaign. If there was one good thing that happened on November 8th, it’s that the madness stopped. I hope Mr. Trump does a good job. And I really hope he lets certain things alone: the LGBT community, same-sex marriage, and a number of other important laws that have been passed in the last eight years. Concentrate on helping people and wiping out ISIS. The music I chose really fits this clip. Pink Floyd, Creedence, Soundgarden, and Barry McGuire. Hope you all like it. Peace, Ralph.”

THE ELECTION DAY SWELL 11-8-16 from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

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