DOH-mke!! A Re-edit Of Brad Domke’s Insane Puerto Widowmaker Tow-In Skim

February 6, 2018 • Videos

You never know what surprises, revelations or just plain old, kick-ass content goodies unexpectedly await you when you dip into your email box every morning photo editor Tom Dugan did that today only to find a mind blowing second look at skimmer GOAT Brad Domke’s earth / record shattering barrel ride in a  Puerto beast from back in 2014 filmed and recently re-edited with new, un-seen footy by the extremely talented videographer, Dylan Palmer and we quoth Mr. Palmer thusly:

Hey Tom! It’s been awhile since Brad’s big wave from Puerto in 2014, sure doesn’t get old though! I remembered that a lot of the interview we did about that day didn’t get used, so I spent the last week making this 6 minute piece about the day, with detailed accounts of his 2 biggest waves and opening up about how significant the ride and day was to him. We would be amped and grateful to have it featured on the main site.

Thanks for the support!
Dylan Palmer
Actually, we thank you Dylan and Brad for something as crazy as this truly never get’s old and for giving us a huge jolt of adrenaline to start our day today!