A Deft Tauch: Chelsea Delivers A Sterling Sophmore Video With “Wandering El Salvador”

January 2, 2018 • Videos

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” Wandering El Salvador has a playful, carefree theme and gives you a peek into one of the countries I adore. I had the best time creating it and I hope it makes you want to go surf”. – Chelsea Tuach –

Chelsea Tauch playing it carefree and playful in Wandering El Salvador .

Well, simply stated, mission accomplished for Barbadian ripper and former WSL star, Chelsea Tuach who has dropped a welcomed, excellent edit in her Wandering series to start the New Year offer properly.

Former World Tour number 17, Chelsea Tauch wandering – and ripping the bag out of – El Salvador.

Wandering El Salvador further bolsters her budding, DYI independent film making and her talents are readily apparent in both technical quality, pacing and content.  Tauch is World Tour level and a joy to watch from start to finish.

We can’t say we are surprised, especially after viewing her first stellar effort, “Wandering Indonesia”, but you know what they say about the “Sophmore jinx’s” and all.  However, Wandering El Sal steps up Miss Tauch’s reputation for both being a stone cold ripper and her young abilities in organizing and producing an entertaining edit.

Chelsea in front of and behind the camera / video production seem to be a good and natural combination.

One can only wonder if Chelsea might eventually ‘wander’ into filming for other top female pro surfers or successfully crack the glass ceiling in the boys film making club altogether.

After watching her latest effort, she most certainly looks like she has the eye and vision for it.

– Mez –

Please click just below to view Wandering El Salvador ….

Chelsea Tauch, Punta Mango. Definitely makes us want to go surf!


Chelsea Tauch.