Days To Darkness — New Video from Omen x Bing

May 8, 2017 • Videos

Omen is a Newport, RI-based brand and surfboard design collaborative started by Cheyne Cousens that recently released a limited collection of Bing Surfboards. “Days To Darkness” is a 17-minute film comprised almost entirely of East Coast riders — Cousens, Greg Pearson of Jamestown, RI, Texas native Mike Black, and Cape Cod native Eric Dranginis. Primary directing and filming was done by Gloucester, MA, native Sean Martin with New England’s Gus Potter contributing water angles. The whole crew shot the film in Mexico and Southern California with Mick Rogers and Israel Preciado, both of whom surf for Bing. “Days To Darkness” premiered on May 4th at the Mexi Log Fest/Duct Tape Invitational in Salidita, Mexico, and is now available online at

Days to Darkness from omen 93 on Vimeo.

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