Co-Vid’s: The OBNC’S Will Deane Blows Up The BSR Wave Tank!

October 16, 2020 • Videos

Take a quart of Noah Snyder, a couple of double scoops of Jesse Hines and Matt Beacham then top it off with a healthy heaping of Brett Barley, chuck it into the Outer Banks blender and you have concocted one intoxicating cocktail of North Carolina’s possibilities for it’s next legit pro, Will Deane. The ESA All Star has a lot of pop, pizzaz and a ton of high octane fizz in wave pool conditions and, trust us, his uber-gnarly beach break barrel game is at least as good – if not a step above – the four aforementioned world class rippers when they were the 12 year old groms age. Here, the bantam weight totally takes apart the BSR wave tank with above the lip skill’s as good any kid in his age group and impressed the Bejeebus out of us leaving us wishing for another couple more minutes for us to enjoy. Grab one of your favorite cocktails, push play and enjoy- this 100 proof performance is top shelf all the way. Filmed By: Shawn Deane / Secret Spot Surf Shop, Tim Dinofa, Geoff Armstrong and Yadin Nicol. – Mez –

Will Deane / Without a Life Jacket from Will Deane on Vimeo.