Co-Vid’s: Tour De “Force Less”! Santamaria & Hernandez Go Nuts In P.R.

December 16, 2020 • Videos

Presented by WRV

P.R. filmer Jerry Molina continues to step his game up as the possible El Jeffe videographer documenting surfing on the Isla Del Encanto, especially in the hotbed area out on the Northwest corner of the island. In Jerry’s recent drop, cleverly titled Force Less, Hector Santamaria is the main focus and goes totally apeshit in the barrel, as well as in the air while going for broke surfing either left’s or right’s. There is a share of spectacular attempts and misses by Santamaria – some of them great clips on their own merits – but, when he pulls and lands them, it’s worth the admission price of the seven plus minutes of viewing time. With a huge contingent of topnotch Puertorriqueños like Hector thriving and ripping from all quarters of the island, it’s not so easy being a top standout these days but you can include Santamaria’s fellow boricua, Raul Hernadez in that category as well. Raulito’s act is polished, powerful and super stylish from a place that has a fair share of amper’s, sometimes over amper’s if we’re being honest here. But not Hernandez. This gato can do it all with his radically amplified, above the lip moves to his deeply buried rail rail game that is simply a thing of beauty to behold done with text book style. In fact some of his clips the very best in ‘Force Less’ which is a total Tour De Force in and of itself and required viewing if you love PR like we do. – Mez –

Produced, Filmed & Edit by: Jerry Molina ~…

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