Co-Vids: This Is Gonna Hurt. Barley & The Boys At Mutant First!

February 11, 2021 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

Extra thick, below sea level mutant waves at the Lighthouse along with popped ankles, ice packs and Ibuprofen were the call this recent chilly winter’s day at Hatteras for Brett Barley, Jesse Hines, Quentin Turko, Cash Barris among other hard chargers who call the OBNC home. This crew gets after it no holds barred, every session, every wave no matter the physical price. And check out Turk’s totally insane barrel at 6:16, if that ain’t an O’Niell regional WOW entry we don’t know what is!  Filmed and edited by Brett Barley and Jeffry O’Neil / Real Watersports – Mez –

Here’s Brett’s breakdown: “–Season 2: Episode 62– A new swell has filled in, and it is MEAN for it’s size! With the low tide, and rushing current, the waves were going so below sea-level that many were unridable. I love when the Lighthouse breaks like this, because its a great challenge, and when you can lock into one that has an entry, it’s so epic! Unfortunately I got hurt trying to hunt down one of those waves this day… But fortunately not too bad“.


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