Co-Vid’s: The Core Banks Goes Hardcore For Teddy

September 29, 2020 • Videos

While all east facing Right Coast shorelines were super huge, unruly and blown to bits by onshore winds south facing nooks and cranny’s were pumping all time. Oh, those aforementioned locales like the Outer Banks, Jersey and the De-Mar-Va finally got theirs in spectacular fashion but, for four exhausting days, places like the usually wave shy Core Banks tucked up into Raleigh were off the hook for what many long times locals were calling the best swell in a decade. Local Crystal Coast filmer, Alex Fisher – affectionately known as NishFutz Productions – catches Wrightsville Beach wunderkind, Ben Bourgeois, OBX’er Lucas Jolly, Jax Beach FL grom Benji Lange along with local standouts Guion Lee, Rob Cordero, Justin Schub, Charlie Weatherby and Cameron Willis having at it while most of the coast was twiddling thumbs and waiting their turn. filmed by Alex Fisher  – – with additional footy by Tucker Willis. – Mez –

Standout Clips from Alex Fisher on Vimeo.