Co-Vids: The Claim By Ben Gravy: Longest Wave In NC?

August 25, 2020 • Ben Gravy, Videos, Vlogs

In this latest Nub Nation episode the always lovable, big grinning / shaggy dog surfer, Ben Gravy along with ace East Coast photographer / videographer Ryan Mack, vlog it on down to North Cackalacky to find the states longest rideable wave. In true Gravy style, The Dream 1.) doesn’t involve an actual ocean 2.) it’s only thigh high and 3.) theres a ferry involved. And it’s damn entertaining and woulda’ been one hell of a cool adventure to tag along on. In a rare note of heaviness, the usual uber positive Gravy dedicates this vlog to an acquaintance, and newly minted Jersey policeman, Rich Link who recently took his own life. Bens heartfelt words on the subject and what you can do was easily worth the trip to tell his story and your time to watch this video. And, as ben says on the subject of suicide, “If your struggling… talk to somebody, I promise you there are people out there who love you… and we want you here”. Amen, hermano. – Mez –

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