Co-Vids: “That’s The Future Bro!” Pope Of Pipeline Blesses The G.O.A.T. Ranch

March 18, 2021 • Videos

It’s no bullshit hype to state Kelly Salter turned pro surfing on it’s ear and elevated the sport to global popularity and acclaim like no other before and, more than likely, like nobody that will come after him. In similar fashion, Simon Anderson’s earth shaking thruster set-up, while not the first time three fins were planted on foam and fiberglass, also turned board design on it’s ear as well revolutionizing how waves could be ridden equipment-wise. So, how will we stack that up against what Kelly has inspired in the push for the next level quality of artificial waves at his Surf Ranch which, also, is not the first time ever that a functional surf tank was built. Where might that technology take high performance surfing next not to mention growing surfing world wide? Here within this cool little clip is what another fellow revolutionary, Gerry Lopez has to say about that. And Mr. Pipelines word is gospel to us. – Mez –