Co-Vids: South Floridian Matt Oberman’s October Surprise ‘Chopes Mission !

October 29, 2020 • Videos

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When south Floridian Matt Oberman’s October surprise Teahupoo edit downloaded onto the 27 inch iMac desktop we were not at all surprised to see the unheralded, longtime East Coast schralper killing it in some of the funnest looking Tahitian surf you could hope to imagine. It’s not widow maker ‘Chopes – and trust us, Obie can handle serious heavy water just fine – but everything you could wish for when you travel that far from home. Let’s put it this way, ain’t nobody back on the Eastern Seaboard going to tell him “you realllly missed it” because of the beach break Atlantic hurricane swells he bailed on in exchange for the beautiful, reef pass cyclone swells of the south Pacific. – Mez –