CO-Vids: Rachel Presti Want’s To Surf Better Than You… And Probably Does.

September 4, 2020 • Videos

One of my all time favorite surf mag covers ever is the iconic, 1996 Surfer Magazine one of Lisa Anderson – fins out and banging HAM off the top of a Sebastian Inlet First Peak taken by my partner, Tom Dugan – with the cheeky headline proclaiming “Lisa Andersen Surfs Better Than You!”.

Now, were not quite ready to burden Florida’s young Rachel Presti with that heavy claim but, after watching this video from the very talented long time filmer of her, Dalton Smith, we’d say it’s safe to say “Ray Ray” surfs better than a whole lotta people of all ages, both men and women. This latest Dalton drop captures enough footy of her quickly developing, eerily similar Caroline Marks-esque lower body power based attack to back that last statement up unequivocally. It is a joy to view how far she’s come so quickly since her not so distant grom days as she blossoms into a young woman ready to kick but and hopefully take scalps with getting to the Olympics as her primary goal at the moment.

The kicker here is Smith not only does and excellent filming and editing job but he also captures some really great audio clips / interviews helping to understand greatly just what makes Miss Presti tick, where she wants to go vis-a-vis pro surfing and what is driving her to one day fully achieve L.A.’s legendary Surfer Magazine cover blurb status.

We’re hoping this former ASF / NSSA East Coast champion and ISA medalist will be joining Caroline Marks ( who does surf better than you btw ) one day soon and let’s see what the one-two east coast punch can do on Tour together. – Mez –

L.A. is still probably surfing better than you! The 1996 Surfer Magazine cover by Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

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