Co-Vid’s: Quentin Turko’s “Temperate Migrations” Highlight Reel, From Pea Island To Panama

May 7, 2020 • Videos

The Quiet Kid from KDH, Quentin Turko’s latest video is stacked deep with high action moves and deep, deep tube rides as one would expect from someone who teethed himself on the Outer Banks notorious sand bar slabs. The kid has that discipline down cold but can also blast fat airs and pump hard rail moves with excellent execution and aplomb as one would also expect from somebody who, as an impressionable grom, had the likes of Noah Snyder, Jesse Hines and Matt Beacham powering their act’s right in front of his eye’s in the same home line-up’s. And, after viewing this tour de force drop it is safe to say that heavy doses of their style, panache and power has certainly rubbed off on the Young Turk and assures preservation of the linage of North Carolina rippers for the next generation to come. – Mez –