We don’t need claim this one, and we will spare you the usual hyperbole. We’ll just let Raw Rob Kelly do it with his surfing and Ryan Simalchik’s excellent filming and his final winter storm Orlena edit. All we’ll  say is heavy, super heavy. And check out the numbskulls website here https://www.numbskullsurf.com  – Mez –

“Winter Storm Orlena was an impressive nor’easter that dumped the northeast with snow and slammed the coast with a ton of swell. Nor’easters usually move fast and offer a quick window of pumping surf but the size of this storm and the perfect track it took blessed the east coast with multiple days of surf. We started our wave chase close to home and followed the swell up the coast as the storm moved across the Atlantic. Enjoy the highlights from this epic three day winter wave hunt with Rob Kelly and crew. Filmed and edited by Ryan Simalchik”. – Rob Kelly –