Co-Vids:Please ( Don’t ) Make It Stop! OBNC STILL Going ‘Nucking Futz!

May 13, 2020 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

Wound, meet salt.

“Some of the waves I witnessed today were as good a waves as I’ve ever seen on the east coast…, there were crazy waves!” claims Brett Barley in his latest, jaw dropping edit of yet another insane day of deep, deep tube spelunking in the Cape Hatteras / Buxton area.

It just won’t stop and bless ’em all for their good fortune to live where they live in a time of dark, dark days which, we are sure, has many trials and tribulations to cope with just like anywhere else.

They just get to go surfing almost alone in waves where Brett can make a claim like the one above and back it up with proof positive footy shot by Jeffrey O’neil who must have one hell of an outtake library by now.

Watch as Brett, Quentin Turko – who gets some of the best rides in the edit – Cody Craig, Lucas Jolly, Dana Quinn, Joey Crum and Jesse Hines who snags what Brett call’s “one of the best right hand barrels thats ever been ridden here…”go completely… nucking… futz in some truly all time surf.

Yep, hurts so bad I watched it 3 times and enjoyed every dang minute of it. – Mez –