Co-Vids: Norway Revealed- From Colorful Auroa Borealis to Beautiful Cold Barrels!

June 3, 2020 • Travel, Videos

Along with the attached link for the 11 minute long player, Reflecting Latitudes, Florida ripper Steve Mc Clean writes for

“I would like to share with you a short film called Reflecting Latitudes from the Fjords of Norway. This is a surf/travel film created by Evan Hilton @evanhilton which highlights the unexpected and incredible surf we scored in Northern Norway. Our film showcases a blend of effortless long-boarding and endless barrels on twin fins and single fins, featuring surfers Steven McLean (@Steven_McLean18) and Fisher Grant (@toestubber_) from Central Florida.

We would greatly appreciate if Eastern Surf Magazine could share one of the trailer clips and a few photos on Instagram with the Vimeo link attached. I have attached the 11 minute Norway section of Reflecting Latitudes, a trailer, photos, and clips from the road. I hope y’all really enjoy and please let us know what you think!”.

What do we think?

Reflecting Latitudes is simply an outstanding film on very level and the best capture of surfing Norway we have ever had the pleasure to watch and we encourage everyone who reads this to check it out. Job well done fellas!- Mez –

Reflecting Latitudes- Norway from Evan Hilton on Vimeo.