Co-Vid’s: Meet Caribe Surfing Legend & Surf Coach Jason Apparicio

May 6, 2020 • Videos

Born in England of  Trinidad – Tobago ( TT )  parents, Jason Apparicio is one of the nicest, most irie surfing personalities you’ll ever meet bar none.

To just say he is “one of the best ever Caribbean surfers” is the truth but not really accurate because, at the height of his professional super powers, he could be about as good as anybody anywhere when he was on his game.

He was, and still is, a total badass ripper heavily connected to TT when not a lot of people knew there were top level surfers who could compete internationally from that part of the island chain.

I worked with Jas traveling in the mid to late 80’s as a senior staff photog with Surfer Mag and even did an assignment to Trinidad with him, fellow TT islander Che Lovelace along with Barbados’s Hoggy Anderson and Mark Holder who are all amazing surfers and were the tip of the spear  – along with Alan Burke and Stuart Stoute – that helped opened the door to world wide recognition for other Caribe surfers to follow.

Now on the island of Martinique he is a more than extremely capable, contest savvy surf coach who walked it like he now talks it to the younger Caribbean kids as they begin to make a push into the international comp scene with a link here to his operation .

This is his story in his own words – and surfing – of his humble beginnings and where he is now that is a really engaging story at that. And getting to see him rip the ever lovin’ shittake out of one of the archipelago’s stunning left hand points is worth the price of admission alone. – Mez –