Co-Vids: Kevin Shulz Grabs The Last Ticket To Wave Heaven

March 24, 2020 • Travel, Videos

Dear friends Kevin Schulz from Cali’s San Clemente and Cow Bay Nova Scotia’s Logan Landry did one of the smartest things we heard of as the Corona virus tsunami was first beginning to wash across the continent of North America and Canada. No, they didn’t call their brokers and go into all cash and bond positions which many of us by now wish we did. Kevin booked one more flight to his home away from home – the beautiful, point break laden Canadian Maritimes – to hook up with Log’s, another good buddy and one of Canada’s best shooters, Scotty Sherin and ace local filmer-photographer Tom Terrell to put one last edit together before the Covid shit seriously hit the fan. More importantly, they got the band back together one more time to score some shit hot surf and together enjoy the slice of Heaven that Nova Scotia truly is because God only knows how long it will be before they can re-unite again and in what kind of strange new world we’ll all be living in once we can finally emerge from our lock-downs and quarentine’s. – Mez –

Wish I was in Heaven from Tom Terrell on Vimeo.

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