Co-Vids: Is Chauncey Robinson Sebastian Inlets Top Ripper? Yep …

April 21, 2020 • Videos

There has been a lonnnnng, long lineage of top Brevard rippers that have called Sebastian Inlet their home break and who, at one time or the other, held claim to being the man at First Peak no questions asked.

Mike Tabeling, Greg Loehr, Jeff Crawford, Pat Mulhern, Charlie Kuhn, Kelly Slater, the Hobgood’s, Matt Kechele, Dave Spier ( with Kech and Speir still ripping the bejeezus out of the joint and stand-out’s on any given day ) and but a small handful of others that have gotten the nod as Sebastian Kingpin’s through the breaks many decades of notoriety and rotating generational crews. It is a very select crew indeed.

In the past few years that mantle may now have fallen onto the quiet, un-assuming shoulders of the explosively talented Chauncey Robinson and here is a brand new edit put together by filmers Jacob Strahlo, Jason Hines and Jeff ‘Tondo” Margaritondo titled “Unusual Tides” to bolster his case for Inlet top dog of the moment. – Mez –

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