Co-Vids: Holy Crap!! Brett Barley & Co. Charge Biggest Hatteras Ever Filmed!

October 5, 2020 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

In just three days this latest Bret Barley ‘Life On Water’ ( season 2, episode 49 ) volg has garnered nearly 65,000 views on it way to no doubt to breaking 100K no problem. The only question is how many times will it roll over on the YouTube viewing odometer. 200k? 300k? If you haven’t seen it yet well here’s your chance and if you have it’s definitely worth a second, third and 4th look. You rarely see these kind of waves on the east coast and it’s even rarer to see it so excellently filmed and documented start to finish. A tip of the 5 mil hood to Brett and Jeff O’neil of Real Watersports for nailing it and providing breath taking look at a historical East Coast swell event in such dramatic fashion. While each frame tells it’s own story here is Brett’s summary of one of our coasts – and the Outer Banks – all time swells. – Mez –

Brett’s take : “Hurricane Teddy combined with a Nor’Easter to provide the biggest swell to hit Cape Hatteras since Winter Storm Riley in March 2018. And as the swell began to die, there was a window of said 12-15ft barrels, and a few bigger sets pushing near 20ft! One of the top biggest barreling days I’ve ever seen in the OBX. And then on Day 2 we were graced with an all day wave feast, from dawn till dusk. What a blessing of surf after getting hammered for 5 days with the road closed and washed out. And @Koa Rothman got to be here and witness it! Give him a follow if you don’t already”. – Brett Barley –