We love technology, we hate technology, we love technology, we hate technology, we love…. well, you get the idea. Most days now in the Digital Age all this computer / internet / blue toothed tech shit is a double edged sword, love / hate thing for most humans but where would we be without it? I for one would be very cool finding out by going back to the analog days. The days of, you know, before 24 hour news channels, Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Creme Frappuccino bullshit ( I’ll take mine black, no sugar please ), wave tanks, Google ‘effing Earth and stupefying amounts of on-line “content” out the ying yang. And, while we’re on the subject, bring back pay pone surf checks while driving around in our gas guzzling land yacht surf vans with a pocket full of nickels and dimes. Not having to answer a cell on the beach I hiked a half mile on, while I’m staring the best waves I’ve seen in month in front of me, would be peachy keen by me as in F’ all y’all, get off yer lazy duffs and go find it yourself, y’know? I’d kill for those days in fact and don’t even get me on digital photography, a deal with the devil if ever there was one. But, as usual and in my growing age of feebleness, I digress but I can still dream, can’t I? So, we walk around with our little plugged in pocket computers and tell the world our every move, what we ate, where we shat and worry about our following’s, our likes, reach and impressions. Until it comes back to but us on our asses like it did with one of the surfing worlds most followed and entertaining surf vlog empresario’s, New Jersey’s Ben “Ben Gravy” Graeff. The guy is a riot to follow and watch. The Gravy Schtick is just being a regular, blue collar surf dude trying to stay in the water and make a buck doing what he loves best to just get him, his girl and other willing accomplices to their next destination to film it all for us to enjoy. And the thing is, it’s not schtick. It’s just who the guy is and he comes out of his video camera as the genuine, surf stoked arrested development type surfer we all are. Then, without warning, the hand that feeds him – the ubiquitous media mega-giant YouTube – turns around and bites him on the ass. Hard. The good news is the OG vlog with over 100 k followers might have been ganked who but he’s already up and running with a new YT channel with a bunch of content in the que ready to get posted. The kids a charger and a homeboy and he’ll conquer all in the end. Meanwhile, here’s what Ben has to say about the whole catastrophe in his latest vlog. And, be warned, Big Brother can be a one lousy, high tech sum’bitch. – Mez –