Co-Vids: Goodwin & Huckabee Shelter In Place & Drop A Sick Edit

March 26, 2020 • Travel, Videos

Robbie Goodwin and Ryan Huckabee are among two of our coasts most promising young talents and filmer Joe Radano recently captured the boys tearing it up in Hawaii before the world as we knew it turned into a much more dangerous place. These two former mini-groms now turning into gangly man-children keep stepping up their surfing game with each successive edit and it’s been a fun ride watching them evolve through Radano’s lens. While we might all be temporarily forced off the surf lifestyle road for awhile at least we are still getting killer edits like this to watch as we wait for this virulent, pandemic storm to pass. Thanks boy’s, it’s just what the doctor ordered to help keep our spirits and surf stoke high. – Mez –

Hawaii from Joe Radano on Vimeo.