Co-Vid’s: Dreaming- Ben Gravy Talks 2020 Hurricane Season

October 12, 2020 • Ben Gravy, Videos, Vlogs

In some of the best quality waves and surfing we’ve ever seen in one of  the Nub Nation Kingpin’s vlog’s, Ben Gravy simply goes off in this episode on both fiberglass shorts and large soft top boards. Why he rides the latter in waves like this is anybody’s guess but you can’t argue with an audience that is growing in leaps and bounds monthly ( 125 K and counting now ) and his pure stoke while chasing his own dream so successfully no matter the equipment or surf he paddles out to. We’ll let Ben break it down thusly:

“Was 2020 the best Hurricane surf ever? I am pretty sure that for me it had been the most consistent & enjoyable waves I’ve scored over the course of a hurricane season. I’ve had a lot of years pass where I got one good wave per storm, but these things just panned out fully for the dream! I’ve had a few days of down time & the dreams are stacking up already so I hope you guys are stoked for some epic videos coming up! Thank YOU Nub Nation!!! – Ben

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