This young, 17 year old content creator from Saint Augustine, FL had a breakout year despite the shut down, shut-in world many of us have been forced to live in. But not young Peyton Willard. He spent 2019 putting in the hard yards and road miles making his dream happen despite all the hassles, restrictions, road blocks, sickness and the very real danger of death. And, at our request, he was more than kind enough to put together this kick-ass highlight reel to showcase all the shit hot surfing he’s captured in the Year Of Corona Virus. Heres his take on what the year meant to him and 2 plus red hot minutes of Right Coasters ripping featuring Robbie Mc Cormick Mike Dunphy, Cory Lopez, the Geiselman’s and Bo Raynor, Robbie Goodwin, Sebastian Moreno, Lucas Rogers, Simon Hetrick and Tyler Clazey : 2020 has been such a crazy year and I am beyond happy for everything that has come of it.  I’ve met new friends, traveled to different places, worked with top ranking brands, etc.  Covid 19 shut down the world but it opened up new opportunities  for me.  It is so easy to think about all the bad that has happened this year but it was a career starter for me.  So thankful for every opportunity I have been given this year and I am beyond stoked for 2021!.  And we, and a whole bunch of surfers he’s worked with, are thankful he was gettin’ after it the past 12 months by not just opening doors of opportunity presented him but kicking the damn things down. – Mez –