Co-Vids: Brett Barley’s Here “To Get Y’all Psyched!” And Succeeds!

March 31, 2020 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

You know it must be seriously bombing, outer sand bar barrels when Brett Barley paddles out on what appears to be a step up type blade picked from his prodigious, international equipped quiver for the first segment of the vloggers season 2, episode 26 ‘Life On Water’ series. Check out this latest Barley / Jeffrey O’neil / Real Watersports drop and get psyched! Also featuring Quinten Turko, Chris Hunter, Dallas Tolson and Morgan O’Connell – Mez-

Quick video and Covid-19 notes from Brett:

Expecting a fun day of decent surf, I couldn’t believe how BIG it was when I showed up to the beach! Shifting peaks, on a way outside bar, made for challenging 8-10ft+ faced surf… But I love trying to chase down that ONE crazy one! Hope you enjoy and can take your mind off this crazy world we are living in right now, even if its just for 15min! – ** Our beaches are OPEN, but the whole OBX is CLOSED unless you live here… BE SMART! DO NOT DRIVE OUTSIDE YOUR OWN TOWN TO GO FIND WAVES! Do not partake in activities that involve other people. Go outside if you can… PHYSICAL distancing is what’s important, but we should responsibly remain social when possible. Quarantine yourselves to your homes, except to get outside for exercise away from others. We’ll get through this yall… ** – SURF VIDEOGRAPHY: Real Watersports – Jeffrey O’Neil –

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