Co-Vid’s: Brett B. Hits Oahu and Goes HUGE On A Rocky’s Boost!

November 27, 2020 • Brett Barley, Videos, Vlogs

Brett drops episode #56 and it’s yet another testament to not only the guys tenacity to learn this side of the surf trade but also even more to his vision and being able to translate that into a stellar result for us all to enjoy by either shooting it himself or tracking down clips the to produce the final result which is always framed by his easy going, North Carolinian narrative style. Something this solid and entertaining is is not an easy thing to do without occasionally mailing it in which Brett seems to never ( ever ) do . There are a lot of solid vlogger’s out there but Barley has really risen to the top echelon in overall content consistency, story telling, technical proficiency, dynamic visual POV’s and constant improvement. Coupled with the thirst to explore new equipment and to put in the time to bring a gem of an installment like this latest “Life On Water” series there are simply not many aspiring vloggers who are achieving this high of a level of quality with every new release. On ya’ Brett, keep ’em coming and here’s his breakdown on his first week on the North Shore – Mez –

Brett Sez: “Some insane trade winds kicked up at 30mph plus here on the North Shore… making for challenging, but EPIC air sections, and I got to stick my biggest air of 2020. The story of how it ended up happening is crazy too… I almost didn’t even surf that morning! ” Surfing footy by Andrew Oliver and Kalani Minihan / O’Neill and Case Colenell.

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