Co-Vid’s: Ben Gravy’s Latest Dream Fulfilled, Hit’s 100K YouTube Subscribers!

May 19, 2020 • Ben Gravy, Videos, Vlogs

Ben “Gravy” Graeff, The Dreamer,  is truly one of a kind which is too bad.

Our glass always full, shaggy haired, puppy eyed Golden Retriever of surf vlogs will keep fetching after that dream stick as many times as you will throw it back in the ocean and still wanting more, more, more.

And surfing could use more, more, and more of him and his tail wagging positivity especially during the Age Of Covid-19.

His enthusiastic, surf stoked followers he calls “Nub Nation”, which has just bounded over the phenominal 100,000 YouTube subscribers mark ( 101 k to be exact as of this week ) are loyal to the extreme, attracted to his sometimes endearingly goofiness, penchant for hyperbole and pure surf stoke and they will with be more than pleased with his most recent drop which Ben describes thusly:

“Did we just find reverse Kirra!? The New Jersey Kirra has exactly been firing, but the reverse Kirra tho, full gnar dog! This big Nor’easter is coming so the surf is going to get super gnarly so we’re stoked for the surfing dream to come together & the ginders to go next level!! Thanks for all of the support, for the dream!!! – Love Ben”.

And just to put that subscriber following into perspective Brett Barley’s following comes in at 32.5 K, Mason Ho 26.7 K, Julian Wilson 7.7 K , John John Florence 87.4, K, Jack Freestone / Alana Blanchard 91.8 K combined and, of course the Biggest Kahuna, Jamie O’brien, with the wings of Red bull lifting him high, high, high into the vlogging stratosphere clocks in at a whopping 437 K!

Ben Gravy charging Sebastian inlet and vaulting over the 100K subscriber mark. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

One would have to wonder if Ke11ly Slater was a dedicated vlogger ( whats up Champ on missing out on a marketing op like this? ) what numbers he would have but Gravy’s 101 K mark is, as he might exclaim, a total “Yeeewwww!!!” moment in Nub history.

We’ll definitely be waiting the next episode to see if that bit of “reverse Kirra” hype lives up to expectations but, til then, congratulation Mr. Gravy on your recent, monumental accomplishment and keep on chasing that stick – and your dreams – all the way to 200k mark.  – Mez –

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