If you want to get your 2021 New Year surfing celebration going then this is exactly the aqueous party favors you want to be served- several days of beautiful Buxton barrels and point break like waves as captured by both Brett Barley and Jeff O’neil / Real Watersports. Besides the excellent wave content there are some lengthy segments with the ( mostly ) local crew prominently featured greeting 2021 with inspired surfing on alt equipment and emanating a ton of stoke. Just the way you want to start another year after all the world and mind shattering goings in 2020. Here is BB’s take on the proceedings below. – Mez –

–Season 2: Episode 61– “Kicking off 2021 with non-stop SURF! With a Low Pressure brewing offshore, Cape Hatteras sees days and days of waves! The Lighthouse sets up it’s best pointbreak impression, and the boys enjoy long peeling left-handers providing rippable walls, with a few solid barrel sections. This swell was an absolute blast with friends… and is everything I LOVE about Wintertime in the Outer Banks”. – Brett Barley