Clipped: 1:38 Minutes Of Gabe Morvil Killing It In Hawaii!

April 2, 2019 • Videos

Gabe Morvil – The Kid from Wilmington, North Cackalacky, a five plus decades long surf town adjoining Wrightsville Beach that is chock full of some of the best Right Coast surfers you’ve never heard of but should – is shown here positively ripping the bejeebus out of some fun Hawaiian surf the past few day’s. If you want to know who’s going to possibly step-up to Uncle Benny and grab his still hotly flaring torch ( when he’s ready to pass it on that is ) then maybe @sangabriel could be that man. Filmed by Logan Marshall @logan_marshall and Seth Hughes @sethshughes edited by Gabe Morvil @sangabriel. – Mez –