Big Steve Pitmann Goes Rippin’ in El Sal !

February 12, 2018 • Videos

From a cherubic, cuddly looking 13 year old grom on an ESM / Volcom Ecuador trip back in 2011 to being called  “the worlds best 14 year old surfer” by Stab in 2015, little Stevie Pittman is now a near full grown, muscled out young man and crushing everything he paddles into.

And the Hurley / Sharpe Eye team rider isn’t even in his twenties so he’s not quite done filling out just yet, or anywheres near his prime physical peak, which makes one wonder just what his full potential might be.

Noa Deane grom look-a-like Little Stevie Pitmann, Ecuador, February, 2011. Photo: Mez

The air game he first made his name with as a pre-teen is better than ever  ( “… shades of Noa Deane” Stab continued to gush ) but now that the child prodigy from North Carolina has put on about 100 plus pounds and several feet of vertical growth onto that once lithesome, grommie frame since that ESM Centro adventure seven years ago we think we’ll just start calling him “Big Steve” now. As in going huge and HAM with his surfing as this shot in El Salvador short by Jordon Montgomery video so clearly illustrates.  We even think Noa Deane would have to agree. -Mez –