Big News! OBNC Filmer Logan Marshall To Begin Dropping Monthly Edits In 2019

January 8, 2019 • Videos

If you are an Outer Banks lover like most east coasters then get ready to follow the talented, still in high school award winning filmer Logan Marshall’s upcoming monthly edits of his work with some of the best young guns Carolina has to offer and from parts beyond like Bo Raynor, Quentin Turko, Luke Gordon, Nohea Futrell, Gabe Morvil, Micah Cantor along with cameos by established OBNC vet’s like Brett Barley, Lucas Rogers and others.

“I’m excited to be putting this out there” said Logan, “we film in almost every condition – and you can only fit so much into an Instagram edit – so I think it would be cool to show all of our footage in a full length edit. I also plan to travel a bit with the east coast guys who are killing it now. I think showing their progress will be really dynamic”.

Thats all we need to know and look for Marshall and Co.’s upcoming monthly drops at and please follow him @logan_Marshall on Instagram for updates and killer clips. Here is just a small sample of what’s to come and make it one of your New Years resolutions to check it all out in the year ahead. – Mez –