Baguettes & Gravy: Ben Graeff’s Late Summer Trip To France

September 9, 2019 • Ben Gravy, Videos, Vlogs

After discovering and riding waves in such esoteric U.S. surfing destinations in Iowa, New Mexico, Montana, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Arkansas on his quest to surf all 50 states – or at least stand up on pieces of moving water utilizing an array of soft tops – Ben “Gravy” Graeff, the King Of Novelty Waves, gave himself a well deserved surf trip to France recently after checking Alaska off his list to complete that amazing feat. As per usual, Gravy, the always smiling, effervescent, glass-always-three-quarters-full kinda guy who actually does rip documented everything from firing Hossegor to the hunt for the perfect pastry and baguettes for his thousands of Nub Nation followers. Here is the Jersey boy’s latest vlog for your and our viewing pleasure, well done mes ami’s . – Mez-