When top international surf scribe Matt Pruett showed me this video — an 11-year-old mini-menehune from my home state of New Jersey — my jaw dropped to the floor (along with other body parts and fluids). Now, a week later, I still don’t know what to make of Cruz Dinofa, clearly a prodigy of the highest order. And I dare not contemplate where the hell we go from here. So I’ll let our former esteemed editor at Eastern Surf Magazine/ www.easternsurf.com, put this into proper Pruett perspective. “Oh, this kid is leagues beyond next-level. He’s by far the most progressive preteen surfer I’ve ever seen. It’s actually kind of disturbing to me that you weren’t plugged into his deal earlier, Mezzy. He’s a Jersey Boy like you. Don’t all you guys have the same bookie or something?” – Mez –