Tuesday Tunesday- The Melvins Are Back and They Are Still Bad-ass! Two Free Tunes Here!

April 24, 2018 • Uncategorized

( Please allow a few short seconds for your two free Melvins tracks to download and scroll down for bonus video )

Pinkus Abortion Technician ( PAT ) is the 27th album from one of rocks most amazing, heroic, weirdest, take chances bands, The Melvins. It  is typically thick, sludgy and oh so supremely satisfying I don’t even want to write another run on sentence about it and just shout go buy the ‘effing thing even tho’ we have no earthly clue as to the recording title.

But, of course, I will continue. It’s what I’m supposed to do and these 8 tracks of heavy / grungy whack tunes get’s off on the good foot with the hilariously clever send-up,  “Stop Moving To Florida” which is a not quite note-for-note rendition of  the James Gangs power pop classic, “Stop” but with a whole lot more loud shambling, recklessness with a set of equally nutty Melvin-esque lyrics.

Track 01: Stop Moving To Florida / 5:21

“Well, well I’ve been movin’ down to Florida
And I’m gonna bowl me a perfect game
Well I’m gonna cut off my leg down in Florida, child
And I’m gonna dance one-legged off in the rain…”

Joe Walsh – a notoriously goofy oddball himself both musically and personality-wise – will no doubt be g-danged pleased when he packs this one between his ears.

Track 06: I Want To Hold Your Hand / 4:06

The Melvins ( l-r ) Steve McDonald, Dale Crover, Buzz Osborne and Jeff Pinkus

‘Pinkus Abortion Technician’ is a record that takes on a poppy nature in the overall structure of its music. The Melvins take on multiple faces as a band; sometimes being stoner metal ( ‘Pre-nup Butter’ ), sometimes pop-punk ( ‘Flamboyant Duck’ ), sometimes abstract rock ( ‘Break Bread’ ), sometimes heavy grunge ( ‘Grave Yard’ ). The new record goes into a pop direction many fans of the Melvins are already familiar with, demonstrated in particular with the Melvins’ take on the Beatles’ ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’, which the band has been performing live quite regularly in recent times and fans would certainly appreciate a studio recording surfacing as part of this new record. Such is the manner in which the Melvins have stamped their signature on this version, if you didn’t know it was a cover you wouldn’t have guessed it.

Oh, and did we mention it was recorded with two bass players? As in two playing at the same time on each song, not alternating and rotating in and out of each track.

Take that Bill Kruetzman, Mickey Hart and the Grateful Dead two drummer aggregation. Of course, Phil Lesh is like two and a half bass players by himself but I digress.

PAT features both ongoing Melvins’ bass player Steven Mc Donald ( Red Kross, Off ) andButhole Surfers, and occasional Melvins’, bottom ender Jeff Pinkus on bass.

According to guitarist Buzz Osborne, “We’ve never had two bass players. We’ve had two drummers and two guitar players so it makes total sense to now have two bass players. We’ll be taking this two-prong bass attack on the road as well which should prove to be interesting. Pinkus Abortion Technician is a radically great record and was a stone groove to record. We drank a lot of coffee and enjoyed each other’s company. I like Steven and Jeff a great deal. I admire their bass playing and singing and both of them can grill a mean steak.”

Pinkus Abortion Technician is cooked and seasoned to perfection so, needless to say, all Melvins fans should report to their local record store/online music shop/streaming service pronto and gorge yourself on this fantastic piece of work.  PAT is a much needed new album that delivers on the unspoken promises that come with expectations of a Melvins record. This album is great for longtime fans and even a good shortcut for new fans looking for an easily digestible entry point into the band’s discography. – Mez –