Sick-quence! Eric Geiselman Sebastian Inlet By Dugan

January 30, 2018 • Uncategorized

Sequence and caption by Tom Dugan:

During recent Sebastian Inlet Florida Pro there where a few days of OK waves but really nothing to write home about quality-wise.There was tons of talented world tour pro surfers both male and female in town which made it unique and, every now and then, there were some free surfs that had some great moments you only get to see when the top shelf talent is in the water pushing each other to go bigger and bigger.

While shooting the six day long event I kept noticing someone going ballistic down the beach eventually realizing it was Eric Geiselman so I started keying in on his big, lanky frame pointing my camera north between while also focusing on WSL QS action and captured this radical boost.

He was there to cheer his little brother Evan on who by both talent and chance eventually went on to win the contest.


Not sure why Eric  doesn’t compete but by the looks of this air he would probably make a few heat’s along the way if he decided to.