September 12, 2017

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september 12, 2017

Not sure how or why these waves were here yesterday since the surf report said it would be pretty much flat,” said Broward County native Todd Roller about this September 12, 2017 Photo of the Day. “I was going to drive two and a half hours north to Brevard County, but this was a welcome sight at my home beach as we are still under gas rations. In Deerfield Beach, the Sheriff’s Department opened the bridge 12 hours before this, even though the road still had six inches of sand on it. Not many traffic lights were working, either, making the trip to the beach a heart-stopping experience. A lot of Broward County is still without power, and Coast Guard aircraft and Blackhawk helicopters flew overhead with relief supplies for the Keys while head-high sets rolled into the afternoon. Like many residents, I was in preparation mode for Irma for about 5-6 days, so this was a welcome relief from putting up storm shutters. Florida will persevere.”

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