Motels, Shm-Motels! Check Out This vacant, Penthouse Room With A View At Lido Beach, NY…

October 26, 2017 • Uncategorized

There is little doubt that the astounding revelation of the Buxton / Barley and Co. Motels Barrel Fest left deep, visceral scars on east coast surfers pshyche’s. It was a jaw dropping moment in the lengthy annals of all time, hurricane fueled, east coast swell events. Feelings that ranged from major anxiety and depression for missing it altogether or fear of paddling out into it and having their asses handed to them via a wrenching, neck breaking pounding at the hand of one of those slabby, great green-grey beasts. To be sure, there were other areas of our coast the that were lit up by Jose’s bounty like a Saturn 5 rocket leaving the launching pad but just without the hoopla of a Surfline live feed and the coterie of still photog’s and personal videographers scurrying around on the beach or in the water like a kicked over mound of a red fire ant colony looking to out-angle the competition. Meanwhile, out on Long Island, not too far from the City That Never Sleeps in south facing Lido Beach, Jose pumped and dumped some equally impressive, dirty looking rooms-with-a-view that we think Brett and the Buxton Boys would have been more than happy to have been shacked up in. – Mez –

Rooms to go at West Lido Beach, Long Island. Rent ’em by the hour! Photo: Brian Shannon