March 11, 2017

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march 11, 2017

Just remember, folks — no matter how crazy the world looks, everything’s alright when you’re down by the shore, as demonstrated by this New Jersey Photo of the Day taken by Jules D’Arco. “That doll has seen everything!” D’Arco says. “It used to sit all the way out on the end of the fishing pier before it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. After the storm, someone  found the doll still intact and put it back with the flag on the end of what’s left today, so it’s like an icon. Even with the amount of storms, wind, and ocean battering him since 2012, he’s still in the exact same place. This oceanfront town doesn’t have any government funding, so every piece of rebuilding they’ve done since Sandy has been all on their own, which is why the pier is still in shambles. But that doll kind of represents its small-town strength.”

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