January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017 • Uncategorized

Unless you’ve been buried under the biggest rock on the planet, you’ve probably heard about the blizzard that hit the East Coast this weekend thank to Winter Storm Helena. Suffice to say we received a few (thousand) photos from the epic swell in New Jersey, New York, and New England, but this one from John Glenn (along with the story behind it) sure did stand out for our January 9, 2016 Photo of the Day: “I’m just getting over a week with the flu, so I stuck myself behind the lens for the day,” Glenn says. “It was only about 15º with a good eight inches of snow when I took these mid-morning on Saturday, January 7th. Looked nice with the snow, but with the east swell there were really only a few standout spots working, which made me feel a little better about my decision to stay out of the water. I’ve been scoring nonstop so far this winter and not taking too many photos, so figured I’d snap a few while I had the chance.”

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